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In April of 2004 CASP publicly launched its website making the database, research and digital archives we had collected available for the first time.  At this time, we created a spotlight on Aboriginal adaptations of Shakespeare where we collected adaptations of Shakespeare by and about Canada's First Nations peoples into a series of web pages exploring the connections between Shakespeare and Canada's Aboriginal communities.  Many resources and documents in this spotlight were published there for the first time or recovered material that was long out of print.  The series of spotlights listed below will continue to grow as CASP works to collect material related to a community or movement within the vast field of Shakespearean adaptation in Canada.  The purpose here is to collect and interpret a collection of information and resources into coherent and useful resources for both general interest and academic audiences.

Spotlight on Canadian Aboriginal Adaptations of Shakespeare

Spotlight on Canadian Aboriginal Adaptations of Shakespeare

CASP's first spotlight features Aboriginal adaptations of Shakespeare in Canada, and was launched in April of 2004. These adaptations span a variety of mediums including theatre, film, visual art, and more.  The First Nations communities represented by these adaptations are diverse and represent work from across Canada. This unique collection of material reveals an interesting connection between First Nations communities and Shakespeare, and the dialogues revealed here will be insightful and interesting for a wide variety of audiences. This material has been continually updated since first being posted and includes, among recent updates, a First Nations version of Hamlet and a recent interview with acclaimed First Nations actor, Graham Greene, discussing his role as Shylock in the 2007 stratford Festival season.



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Spotlight on Slings & Arrows

Instead of focusing on the ways that a cultural community adapts Shakespeare, the CASP spotlight on Slings & Arrows focuses on a project that adapts Shakespeare and Canadian theatre to television. Produced by Rhombus Media, Slings & Arrows takes television adaptations of Shakespeare and theatre in new critical and creative directions.  This spotlight presents clips from the series along with original interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, promotional materials, reviews, and a series of teachers' guides for high school classrooms. Slings & Arrows shows the ongoing fascination that Shakespeare has for Canadian popular media and also makes a remarkable statement about the relationship between stage and TV adaptations of Shakespeare. Launched in 2007, as part of CASP Version 2, this Spotlight highlights CASP's own work on blending scholarship with multimedia and popular culture.


French Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare

Spotlight on Shakespeare and French Canadian Theatre

CASP is currently developing a spotlight on Shakespeare and French Canada with the goal of investigating the question "Pourquoi Shakespeare?" [Why Shakespeare?] first posed by influential Québécois director Jean Gascon.  Perhaps more specifically, this spotlight will be concerned with the question "Pourquoi pas Molière?"  Watch this space for the launch of the spotlight as well as an announcement on the CASP News page. Due to the unexpected volume of Shakespearean materials we have found in Québec and our desire to represent them as effectively as possible we are delaying the launch of the full Spotlight. In the meantime, please explore the rich range of materials on French Canada and Shakespeare we have collected in our Online Anthology, Virtual Exhibit, Streaming Video, Essays, and Interviews pages.



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