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Aboriginal Theatre Links

Aboriginal Voices Radio
Radio station established to “meet the urgent need of growing urban Aboriginal communities by providing an everyday connection between urban and more rural communities.”

Alianak Theatre Productions
Canadian theatre company.

Canada Council for the Arts Program: Developmental Support to Aboriginal Theatre Organizations
This program provides developmental support to Aboriginal theatre organizations. Aboriginal peoples include Status, Non-Status, Métis and Inuit people. Developmental support means contributions towards the costs of producing theatre works and contributions towards the costs associated with the professional development of Aboriginal theatre artists and organizations. This program has two components: one for established organizations and the other for emerging organizations.

Centre for Indigenous Theatre
"The Centre for Indigenous Theatre is a 3-year actors' training program for people of Aboriginal Ancestry … The Only One in Canada! The Goals of the Theatre are to provide people of Aboriginal Ancestry the opportunity to train in an environment supportive to the challenges that Native Artists face; feed the growing Native Theatre Industry by developing individual artists; and become internationally recognized thus encouraging participation from indigenous people all over the world."

De-ba-jeh-mu-jig Theatre Group
Aboriginal Theatre group featuring “original works by native playwrights, actors and artists. All productions are dedicated to celebrating a living culture, tradition and ceremony.”

Gildas Box of Treasures Theatre
Canadian Native Theatre operated by the Weiwaikum Cultural Society whose mandate is the “promotion, preservation and advancement of Kwakwaka'wakw (formerly Kwakiutl) and Laichwiltach culture (including traditional dancing, artwork, songs, stories and Aboriginal spirituality) through education of our youth and through public cultural performances.”

The Great Northern Arts Festival
“The Great Northern Arts Festival is an annual celebration of Northern Canadian arts and culture.”

Nakai Theatre Company
"Nakai’s mandate is to develop a northern cultural expression through the literary and performing arts by presenting a broad spectrum of theatrical productions to Yukon audiences, and to promote and develop both the Territory’s artistic community and cultural industry."

Native American Women Playwrights
Miami University
American association with a mandate to “identify playwrights, collect and preserve their work, try to make it widely known, and encourage performances and continued creativity.”

Native Canadian Centre
Resource centre with a mandate “to deliver programs and service to urban Native people.”

Native Earth Performing Arts
“Native Earth Performing Arts Inc., is a non-profit organization which enables Native Actors, Writers, Designers, Directors, and Technicians to work together to produce quality theatre that is vital to their development as artists and to their identity as Native people.” Native Earth is Canada's foremost professional aboriginal theatre company.

Ondinnok and Yves Sioui Durand
"Ondinnok is the only Native theatre company in Québec. Founded in 1985 by Yves Sioui Durand, Catherine Joncas, and John Blondin, the company has won acclaim both here and abroad for the originality of its productions. Its mission is to create a Native mythological theatre that integrates initiatory traditions and contemporary theatre practice: a theatre that is innovative and responsive to the present, asserting the power of art over reality. Ondinnok's work is part of a vast pan-Canadian Native theatre movement sustained by artists such as Tomson Highway, Margo Kane and Drew Hayden Taylor."

Red Roots Theatre: A Winnipeg Aboriginal Theatre Company
"Red Roots Theatre, an integral part of the Winnipeg Aboriginal theatre community, since its inception in 1993. Red Roots Theatre promotes and fosters the development and growth of many local aboriginal theatre artists and provides a venue for aboriginal works that deal with issues that affect our everyday lives."
Red Roots Theatre Mission Statement: "Red Roots Theatre believes that Theatre and Drama is integral to a healthy society and that a vibrant aboriginal identity demands consistent participation by our theatre artists. Red Roots Theatre will provide a venue and support that is flexible and adaptable to the demands of Aboriginal Theatre Artists. Red Roots will provide a venue and support for and to aboriginal theatre artists for the production and presentation of plays. Red Roots will provide a venue for our theatre artists to explore our own stories and traditions. Red Roots will encourage the examination and journey into our past, our traditions and our culture by providing a venue for the development, workshopping and production of new works by Aboriginal Theatre Artists."

Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company
A unique cultural/arts organization that creates, develops, produces and presents new works by Canadian Aboriginal artists to compliment and enhance the local, provincial and national performing arts scene.
"It is the vision of SNTC to embrace the knowledge, wisdom and teachings of our Elders as the essential foundation of the Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company's programs and initiatives. To utilize the skills, knowledge and expertise of Aboriginal professionals to create, develop and present youth initiatives that fosters a sense of identity and strengthens community spirit as part of the healing process. To create a culturally sensitive environment for artists to further develop and present their creative forms of expression.”

Sen’klip Native Theatre Company
A program of the First Nations Friendship Centre Society.

Stuck In a Snowbank Theatre
Canadian theatre company with a mandate to “professionally produce northern scripts for local, national and international audiences engaging actors and theatre professionals from the north and across Canada.”

Takwakin Performance Laboratory
Canadian “performance laboratory concentrating on developing trans - cultural performances, and conducting research into alternative performance methodologies based on aboriginal cultural principles.”

Turtle Gals Performance Ensemble
"Turtle Gals Performance Ensemble was founded in 1999 with the comittment to bringing Native women's stories to the stage. Veteran theatre artists Jani Lauzon, Monique Mojica and Michelle St. John have won over critics and audiences with their first original play, THE SCRUBBING PROJECT­­a courageous exploration of racism, tradition and memory using vaudeville as a madcap metaphor for navigating identity."

Turtle Island Native Network
“An Independent Aboriginal Owned and Operated News and Information Web Site.”

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