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ROMEO+JULIET: THE SHAKESPEARE APP for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

InteractiveReaders’ Romeo and Juliet is an unparalleled study guide to the Shakespeare’s classic play and a remarkable step forward in the direction of integrating digital media in the app. format to allow readers of all ages and inclinations access to a full range of useful information about a literary and theatrical classic. This might just be THE Shakespeare app. and it is certainly the best Shakespeare app. I have seen to date.”

                                           ––Daniel Fischlin, University Research Chair in Literature and Theatre Studies at the University of Guelph



Welcome to the SHARE page for ROMEO+JULIET: THE SHAKESPEARE available on Apple iOS devices at iTunes.


We're working hard to produce Android/Blackberry(PlayBook) versions of the app. and will be releasing these shortly.

We also welcome feedback on this unique app.: new ideas for future developments, constructive criticism, and just about anything you can think of to make the software more user-friendly and content-rich.


Feedback can be sent directly to the developers by clicking here.

Version 2 of the app. will enhance content, will expand the note-taking functions within the app. (including inline note-taking, save to dropbox/evernote, and the like), and will feature short in-app. quizzes to make the learning environment within the app. more productive.


If you'd like to see other changes please don't hesitate to email us.



Affordable. Easy-to-use. Content rich. Multimedia. Digital literacy.


Simply the most complete, media-rich app. of a Shakespeare play ever created, the InteractiveReaders’ version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet gives you the full play with integrated easy to use notes, facts, critical readings, and multimedia, including videos with well-known Shakespearean experts talking about the play, and all the source texts Shakespeare used to write the play.


Read Shakespeare like you’ve never read him before. Use the cleverly designed interface to take notes and search the play. Discover unusual facts about the play. Learn vocabulary. Interact with a variety of media that allow you to explore how Romeo and Juliet has been adapted and remade over the centuries since Shakespeare wrote it.


Look up words or phrases you don’t understand. Get act-by-act plot summaries. Get important information about all the characters in the play.


Access hard-to-find source materials Shakespeare used to write the play. See how pop culture has adapted the play into graphic novels and movies. Experience a host of unusual, original materials all gathered into a one-stop source for information about the play.


Use the app. as a study guide, as a critical reader, as an aid to rehearsals, and as a general resource for information about Shakespeare and his plays. Improve your vocabulary and comprehension skills by using the Interactive Readers’ simple, effective interface to search unique content only to be found in this Shakespeare app. Improve and develop literacy skills.


Designed for readers, teachers, students, and performers, InteractiveReaders’ Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare app. contains a huge range of information about the play organized in an easy to use interface.


Written by a team of respected scholars, critics, and performance experts, the app. also allows provides access to a small library of historical information about the play, to information about how productions of the play have changed over the years, and to a range of critical perspectives on the play.


This app. is ideal for ALL readers and was designed with special thought for youth encountering Shakespeare for the very first time.




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Created in a unique collaboaration between InteractiveReaders Inc. and the Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project.

















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