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Rinse the Blood Off My Toga

Wayne and Shuster's Rinse the Blood Off My Toga
Wayne and Shuster's Rinse the Blood Off My Toga

Wayne and Shuster


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A shortened version of Wayne and Shuster's take on Shakespeare's own adaptation of the Julius Caesar story. Jonny Wayne plays Roman private-eye Flavius Maximus hired to investigate Caesar's murder by Brutus, played by Frank Shuster. Wayne and Shuster played this skit on their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1958, with Wayne playing a Roman detective investigating the murder of Julius Caesar. His witty use of "martinus" as the singular of "martini" quickly became a catchphrase with some New York bars advertising "Martinus Specials," as did the line "I told him, 'Julie, don't go'," uttered several times by Caesar's wife.The sketch is full of classic vaudeville jokes:

Cicero the Bartender: What're you drinking?

Flavius: Gimme a martinus.

Cicero: You mean a martini.

Flavius: If I wanted two I'd ask for them.

The original 13-minute segment was broadcast in 1954 by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on The Wayne and Shuster Show, a popular television comedy series. Produced by Drew Crossan and written by Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster, the cast included Don Ewer, Jacob Reinglass, Ed MacNamara, Johnny Shapiro, Syliva Lennick, and Peggi Loder.


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Wayne and Shuster: 50 Years of Comedy. Perf. Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster. Morningstar Entertainment, 2000.

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