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Romeo and Juliet Remixed (2002), Laura Mullen and Chris Tolley

Romeo and Juliet Remixed (2002), Laura Mullen and Chris Tolley

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If you have high-bandwidth access (or a fair bit of patience if you don’t), sample the many streaming audio and video clips contained in this portion of the CASP site. Multimedia excerpts such as those archived here help convey, we hope, a more "three-dimensional" sense of the contexts and performance techniques of the productions and playwrights they document. Multimedia excerpts also show the extent to which Shakespeare is used as a cultural referent in various contexts in (and out of) Canada.

In this section we have included non-theatrical (or indirectly theatrical), multimedia materials in which Canada and Shakespeare figure, however whimsically. Examples of these materials range from Loreena McKennit's haunting lyric "Prospero's Speech" to South Park's hilarious spoof of Hamlet in Canada to Alec Guinness as Richard III at the first Statford Shakespeare Festival in 1953, Wayne and Shuster's brilliant parody of Shakespearean theatre in "Shakespearean Baseball," an entire section devoted to visual representations of Shakespeare in Canadian art, and an extensive feature on Canadian thespians doing Shakespeare in popular cultural representations of space.

If you are interested in buying an audio or video/DVD production or adaptation of Shakespeare, please visit the Poor Yorick Shakespeare Multimedia Catalogue or visit the links provided for specific clips archived on this part of the site.


You will require Windows Media Player to view the video clips or to listen to the audio clips; visit to download the player for free.

Newer video and audio additions to the CASP multimedia archives have been posted in Quicktime format.  Where noted, these clips will require Quicktime Media Player; visit to download this player for free.






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