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Adaptor 1 Belke, David
Date of First Production
Title The Maltese Bodkin
Patti Stiles
Place of First Production
Edmonton Fringe Festival, Edmonton
Production Company
Shadow Theatre
Series Festival Title
Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival
Technical Design/Direction
Musical Direction: Bill Damur
Lute and other string instruments: Bill Damur
Saxophone and other wind instruments: Chris Helman
Design: David Belke
Fight Choreography: Anton Solomon
Stage Manager: Katrina Schwager
Birnam Wood: William Davidson
Viola DaMessaline: Karen Twa
4 Actors played all roles: Michael Charrois; Michale Ascher; Nathan Fillion; and Glenn Nelson
Charlotte: Michale Ascher
Antonio: Michael Charrois
Iago: Nathan Fillion
Mistress Nell Quickly: Michale Ascher
Sir John Falstaff: Glenn Nelson
Mercutio Montague: Michael Charrois
Puck: Michael Charrois; Michale Ascher
Donalbain: Nathan Fillion
Sergeant Fang: Glenn Nelson
Prospero: Glenn Nelson
Sir William Catesby: Glenn Nelson
Richard: Michael Charrois
Rosekrantz: Michael Charrois
Guildenstern: Nathan Fillion
Sebastian: Nathan Fillion
Thug: Nathan Fillion
Year Play Written 1991
Performance History
2001, February 10-20
Phoenix Theatre, University of Victoria

Director: Ron Ulrich

Chris Martin
Rob Robinson

1993/1994, Nomination for Outstanding Production of a Collective, Shadow Theatre Sterling Award
1991/1992, Outstanding Fringe New Work, Shadow Theatre Sterling Award
Publishing and Multimedia
*Belke, David. The Maltese Bodkin. Toronto: Playwrights Union of Canada, 1991.
*Belke, David. The Maltese Bodkin. Toronto: Playwrights Union of Canada, 1991.
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Secondary Materials
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Adaptor 1 Biography
"Alberta-based playwright, actor and producer born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, July 11, 1960. He began his career as a designer. He has written 15 plays which have been presented in this country as well as in Northern Ireland and New York City. His first play, Swordplay (1990) was just the first of the works to be premiered, each year, in the Edmonton Fringe Festival."
Called by Edmonton's Vue Magazine "one of the most accomplished playwrights in [the city]," he is currently playwright in residence and producer for Shadow Theatre (1995-). He also performs with Theatresports and acts in Die-Nasty, a weekly, live soap opera which has been running for nine years. He also has performed every year at the Fringe and directs the annual Soap-a-thon which runs 52 hours at the Varscona Theatre" (qtd. from Nothof,
Adaptor 1 Bibliography
*Craig, Jeff. "Planet Lifts Off." Theatre Reviews 15 August 1997.
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"Times were tough for hard boiled detective Birnam Wood. He never asked to be in London. Especially in 1605. When Wood's partner is killed, he has to find the killer amongst a cast of suspects that includes Richard III, Falstaff, Iago, Mercutio and a merchant from Venice. The worlds of film noir and Shakespeare collide in this 'who hath done it.'" (qtd. from "The Maltese Bodkin by David Belke."
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The Merchant of Venice
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