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Adaptor 1 Sharplin, Scott
Date of First Production
1997, June 5-14
Title The Tempest
Scott Sharplin
Place of First Production
Timms Centre for the Arts, Edmonton, Alberta
Production Company
Sound & Fury
Technical Design/Direction
Stage Manager: Heather Young
Ariel/Alonso/Trinculo/Ceres/Mariner: Michael Charrois
Miranda/Antonio/Stephano/Boatswain: Tara Hughes
Caliban/Ferdinand/Sebastian/Juno/Master/Mariner:Dion Johnstone
Propero/Gonzalo: Michael Murdock
Performance History
1997, July 24-27
Shake by the Lake Festival, Sylvan Lake, Edmonton, Alberta


1997, August 2-10
Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


1997, August 15-24
Edmonton Fringe Festival, Alberta
Publishing and Multimedia
*Sharplin, Scott. The Tempest. Ts. 1997.
*Sharplin, Scott. The Tempest. Ts. 1997.
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Adaptor 1 Biography
"Scott is a playwright, director, and occasional journalist who lives in Edmonton, Canada, the City of Festivals and Traffic Cones. A former student of both the National Theatre School of Canada and the University of Alberta, Scott now manages the Alternative Video Spot, the coolest independent video store in Western Canada. He's also the Artistic Director of Sound & Fury Theatre.
"Other theatrical events upon which Scott has made his mark include the Free Will Players' River City Shakespeare Festival, the Shakespeare Company's Shakespeare in the Mountains Festival, and to the good old Edmonton Fringe Festival" (qtd. from 16 Jan. 2004.
Adaptor 1 Bibliography
*"Scott Sharplin's Wee Little Bio." Scott Sharplin's Ghost in the Machine. 16 Jan. 2004.
"Directing Notes:
"In the original production, Prospero is a castaway, maybe the estranged Duke of Milan he claims to be, maybe just a sailor with a vivid imagination; doesn't matter. Prospero witnesses (imagines?) a shipwreck and finds three drowned sailors on his island. Using his 'magic' (which may be genuine magic, or may simply be his imagination, working overtime to keep himself amused/occupied/sane) he reanimates them and casts them as a series of characters, performing a drama which revolves around him. In the scenes with Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian, he assumes the role of Gonzalo to interact 'covertly' with them; the rest of the time, Prospero plays himself" (Sharplin 1).
"Casting Notes:
"This version of The Tempest was designed to accommodate four actors playing multiple roles. In the original production, masks were used to facilitate character shifts; the actors never left the stage" (Sharplin 1).
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Adaptation of
The Tempest
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