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Caesar Program: Tableau Vol. 1 No. 4

CASP is pleased to present the full program from Vinetta Strombergs's historic, all-female, futuristic adaptation (1986) of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Readers will note how both Shakespeare's authorial name and Strombergs's figure prominently––albeit with Strombergs's below Shakespeare's. Significantly, the program marks the play as having been "conceived by" Strombergs––a heavily freighted term in adapting the play from this gendered perspective.

An actor who turned to directing in 1985, Strombergs is known for her staging of adaptive Shakespeares including the all-female Caesar archived here and a clown-based Tit for Tat, or Measure For Measure. She has also developed plays with Native Earth Performing Arts and Debajehmujig Theatre and is professional theatre coordinator at Theatre Ontario.

The play was put on by the Future Shakespeare & The Caesar Co-operative Company, marking yet another form of adaptation at work in both the futuristic setting and the collective creation process. The program is an important document insofar as it chronicles a form of adaptation in which women take control of the theatrical representation of Shakespeare in a Canadian context.

Tableau Vol. 1 No. 4 (Toronto Workshop Productions)

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