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About the CASP team

CASP team

Part of the CASP team:
Gordon Lester, Mat Buntin, and
Daniel Fischlin (seated)

CASP has been made possible by a Premier’s Research Excellence Award (Ontario) and two SSHRC Standard Research Grants (Canada).  Additional support for the project has come from Deans of Arts at the University of Guelph, both Dr. Jacqueline Murray and Dr. Donald Bruce; the former Director of the School of English and Theatre Studies (SETS) at the University of Guelph, Dr. Alan Shepard; and Dr. Alan Wildeman, Vice-President Research at the University of Guelph. Technical and programming development have been provided by Vertexxa Inc.and Northern Village; other technical support has come from Kathy Hanneson, Director of the College of Arts Media Centre, Michael Denny, the former College of Arts website coordinator, and a host of other people including Chris Lee, Ben Coe, Kenny Doren, Brad Eccles, Yuri Doubov, and Arni Mikelsons at Northern Village.

CASP is actually a number of integrated websites, one an administrative database site, the other the public site you are currently viewing, and other sites fedding news via Posterous and the Virtual Shakespeare Made in Canada Exhibit via other blog technology: CASP gratefully acknowledges the work done by Bob Creedy on the administrative site and by a host of others on the other portions of the site.

CASP trains and funds, in a collaborative research context, undergraduate and graduate students and postdocs at the University of Guelph's School of English and Theatre Studies (SETS) . Many of its trainees go on to do further graduate work in the field. CASP has trained and employed some 75 people in a variety of functions since its inception.

Since the public launch of the CASP website in April of 2004, the CASP team has continued to build its archival holdings and web presence. In 2007 CASP launched Version 2 of the site with improved design features and numerous content additions based on new research. Increased effort has also been placed on the public dissemination of the knowledge and resources that CASP has collected.  One of the projects research offshoots that achieved this was the Shakespeare -- Made in Canada festival which ran from January to June of 2007. Shakespeare -- Made in Canada featured theatrical and musical performances, a museum-style exhibition,a speakers’ series, educational programs, and more. It involved local and regional arts and cultural organizations, local businesses, the City of Guelph, The Stratford Festival, and the University of Guelph. As part of its commitment to providing valuable resources online, CASP created a Virtual Exhibit based on the contents of the Shakespeare Made in Canada Exhibit.


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         The current CASP team includes:

  • Jessica Riley (Conference Programming)
  • Mark Kaethler (Conference Programming)
  • Mauricio Martinez (Conference Programming)
  • Gordon Auld, Programming
  • Lynne Bradley, Postdoc Research Associate
  • John Campbell, Programming
  • Daniel Fischlin, CASP Director, Professor / University Research Chair, School of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph
  • Tom Goldsmith, SEO Programming
  • Jennie Hissa, URA  Research Associate, Summer 2011
  • Alixandria Maffin, Undergraduate Research Associate
  • Arni Mikelsons, Programming
  • Candace Sepulis, Designer
  • Erika Vieira, Visiting Doctoral Researcher (2010-11), Belo Horizonte, Brazil

    Past Members:
  • Kenneth Doren, Digital Editor
  • Dr. Jennifer Ailles
  • Mat Buntin, CASP Project Manager (former)
  • Ben Coe, Technical Assistant, Upload Manager, Programming
  • Michael Denny, Website Developer/Manager
  • Yuri Doubov, Programming
  • Ben Dugas, URA Researcher
  • Brad Eccles, Design Manager
  • Thea Fletcher, MA
  • Pat Flood, School of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph/Theatre Design Researcher
  • Beth Gallagher, MA
  • Dr. Dorothy Hadfield
  • Luke Hill, MA
  • Raman Johal, University of Guelph Doctoral Student
  • Vish Khanna, MA
  • Benjamin Lefebvre, McMaster University Doctoral Student
  • Gordon Lester, former University of Guelph Doctoral Student
  • Diana Mafe, McMaster University Doctoral Student
  • Andrew Marsden, MA
  • Dawn Matheson, MA
  • Marissa McHugh, MA
  • Dr. Mark McCutcheon
  • Sorouja Moll, Researcher/Interviewer
  • Don Moore, McMaster University Doctoral Student
  • Dr. Martha Nandorfy
  • Zezewo Abebe Peters, Programming
  • Grahame Renyk, University of Guelph Doctoral Student
  • Jessica Schagerl, University of Western Ontario Doctoral Student
  • Hanna Smith, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Max Summerlee, Researcher/Digital Editor/Virtual Shakespeare Made in Canada Co-curator / Project Manager
  • Ben Walsh, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Danielle van Wagner, URA Researcher
  • Katherine Weir, MA
  • Michael Wronski, MA

Advisory Board:

  • Susan Bennett, University Professor and Professor of English, University of Calgary
  • Diana Brydon, Canada Research Chair ( Globalization and Cultural Studies), University of Manitoba
  • Alan Filewod, Professor, School of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph
  • Mark Fortier, Chair, School of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph
  • David Garneau, Head, Fine Art, University of Regina
  • Darina Griffin, former Director of Information Technology, Stratford Festival
  • Coppélia Kahn, Professor of English, Brown University
  • Ric Knowles, Professor, School of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph
  • Leanore Lieblein, Professor of English, McGill University
  • Irena R. Makaryk, Professor of English, University of Ottawa
  • Richard Rose, Artistic Director, Tarragon Theatre
  • Denis Salter, Professor of Theatre, McGill University
  • Norbert Schaffeld, Chair, Department of English Literature (Anglistik/ Literaturwissenschaft), University of Bremen
  • G. B. Shand, Professor of English, York University
  • Ken Smith, PhD and CEO, KIA Learning Solutions

The CASP team gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Harry Lane and Ann Wilson both in commenting on materials and providing important research contexts for the project. Staff members in the School of English and Theatre Studies at the University of Guelph have offered significant support over the years the project has been running, and the CASP team thanks Sharon Ballantyne, Elizabeth Gilbertson, Phyllis Reynen, and Yvonne Yates for their valued contributions to the project. Lori Barnsley and Gail McGinnis from the College of Arts Dean's office have also played a major role in handling administrative work related to the project and CASP thanks them both for their efforts. CASP also thanks the many librarians from the University of Guelph Library who have endured the hundreds upon hundreds of requests we have made in the last years and the many librarians and archivists across the country who have helped to track materials for the project.

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