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Elsinore (1996)

Robert Lepage

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Robert Lepage
Robert Lepage

Elsinore, by Robert Lepage, is a solo-performer production of Hamlet that was first performed in Toronto in April 1996. An earlier French-language production of Elsineur was performed in Montreal in September 1995. The play is performed with an enormous computer-controlled multimedia machine made up of modular flats that can be either performed or projected upon.

Please see the Critical Introduction to Elsinore by Ric Knowles published in Canadian Theatre Review 111.

For a link to Robert Lepage's theatre company, Ex Machina, click here.

For a llink to a bilingual CBC broadcast of Lepage's production of Romeo and Juliette (July 6, 1989), click here.

For a link to a clip addressing Lepage's theatrical coup in becoming the first Canadian to direct Shakespeare at London's Royal National Theatre (broadcast on CBC, Feb. 2, 1993), click here.




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