Adaptor 1 Nelson, Greg
Adaptor 2 Pettle, Adam
Adaptor 3 Moodie, Andrew
Adaptor 4 Sherman, Jason
Date of First Production February 3rd 2010
Title Afghanada: Episode 20
Director James Roy
Production Company CBC Radio One
Sgt. Pat Kinsella: Jenny Young
Private Dean Donaldson: Paul Fauteux
Private Lucas Manson: Billy Maclellan
Year Play Written 2010
Synopsis A controversial NGO brings Romeo and Juliet to Kandahar City. It’s intended as a sign of hope to the locals, an alternative to the Taliban, but staging the production proves to be a risky proposition. Then the Section is ordered to provide security for the opening of a school built in Taliban territory by the same NGO. In the midst of all this, Private Manson finds his own Juliet.
Adaptation of Romeo and Juliet
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