Adaptor 1 Pagnan, Joseph
Date of First Production August 23rd – 25th 2007
Title Hamlet
Director Joesph Pagnan
Place of First Production Goldie Mills, 75 Cardigan Street, Guelph
Production Company RV Wendell Productions, in association with An Anonymous Theatre Group
Technical Design/Direction
Executive Producer: Richard Vollans
Choreographer: Rebecca Vidotto
Music Director: Sara Bortolon-Vettor
Stage Manager: Sarah Sidiqqui
Assistant Stage Manager: Cody Barnhart
Assistant Stage Manager: Fiona Douglas
Costume Designer: Lauren Kenney
Props and Set Design: Cody Barnhart
Lighting Designer: Jackson Wraight
Public Relations: Fiona Douglas
Treasurer/Front of House Manager: Irim Siddiqui

Barnardo/Guildenstern: Justin Reid
Franciso/Rosencrantz: James Miniou
Horatio: Emma Bortolon-Vettor
Marcellus/Priest/Servant: Clara Vidotto
Ghost/Player King/Grave Digger: Jake Turner
King (Claudius): Brendan Linwood
Polonius: Jess Bryant
Laertes/Lucianous: Vanin Ferral
Queen (Gertrude): Samantha Grayson
Hamlet: Justin Miller
Ophelia: Jennifer Pepper
Player Queen/Grave Differ Mate: Paulina Roberts

Musicians and Vocals:

Piano: Jacquie Borhoe
Percussion: Sara Bortolon-Vettor
Bass: Adam V.
Violin: Theresa S.
Vocalist: Fiona Douglas
Year Play Written 2007
Adaptor 1 Biography Joe Pagnan is an honours graduate of Ryerson Univeristy Theatre Production program. He is specialized in scenic design, lighting design, and costume design for performance and space. His work has included site specific and found space as well as multipurpose and built-for venues.

In addition to design for performance (dance and theatre), he has experience in film and television; as well as directing for the stage and original text creation through collective ensemble work and discovery labs.

Based in Toronto, he is interested in international work and scenographic practices abroad and is eager for opportunities to further develop critical design skills to discover and explore hybrid modes of storytelling.
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Adaptor 1 Bibliography
Synopsis An experimental adaptation of the play Hamlet.
Adaptation of Hamlet
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