Adaptor 1 Thompson, Judith
Date of First Production November 15th – 20th 2010
Title Hamlet (In Tent City)
Director Judith Thompson
Place of First Production George Luscombe Theatre, University of Guelph
Production Company School of English and Theatre Studies
Technical Design/Direction
Assistant Director: Sharon Monuk
Musician and Composer: David Riedstra
Lighting Designer: Kevin Stinson
Sound Designer: Nick Swan
Stage Manager: Emma Alter
Assistant Stage Manager: Sarah Whitten
Assistant Technical Director: Shelby Vilneff
Dance Choreography: Gabriella Sundar-Singh
Fight Choreography/Captains: Taylor Sugden and Rachael Needles
Costume/Light/Set/Sound/Prop Design: Students of Technical Production courses (THST*2230,3320/3230) under supervision of Pat Flood, (Designer), Paul Ord (Technical Director), and Denis Huneault-Joffre (Costume Supervisor) and students of Performance courses under Judith Thompson
Hamlet(1): Kailey Gilchrist
Hamlet(2): Kyle Weltner
Claudius: Brendan Green
Ophelia: Gabriella Sundar-Singh
Polonius: Julie Dransfield
Gertrude: Shelagh Haney
Laertes: Lydia Zemaitis
Horatio: Andrew Cromwell
Ghost/Fortinbras: Graeme Clarke
Osric: Taylor Sugden
Rosencrantz: Jared Bishop
Guildenstern: Cassie Van Oort
Fransisco/Player: Sarah Jane Glover
Reynaldo/Player: Melika Azodi
Barnardo/Fortinbras’ Capt./Ambassador/Lucianus: William MacKenzie
Gentlewoman/Lord/Player: Dana Schiemann
Voltemand/Messenger/Player: Danielle Gamache
Gravediffer 1: Michelle McLeod
Gravedigger 2/Players: Kate Maguire and Victoria Carr
Year Play Written 2010
Adaptor 1 Biography
Judith Thompson was born in 1954 in Montreal, and grew up in Connecticut and Kingston. She received her B.A. from Queen's University and graduated from the acting program of the National Theatre School. Thompson is author of The Crackwalker, White Biting Dog, I Am Yours, Lion in the Streets, Sled, Perfect Pie, Habitat, and Capture Me. She has also authored two feature films, Perfect Pie and Lost and Delerious, as well as two movies of the week, Life With Billy and Turning to Stone. Other writing credits include her numerous radio plays: Yellow Canaries, SugarCane, The Gliding, Big White Light, Tornado, The Quickening and others. Thompson has chapters published in Writing Away: the PEN Canada travel anthology (edited by Constance Rooke), Writing Home: a PEN Canada anthology (edited by Constance Rooke), How Theatre Educates (edited by Kathleen Gallagher and David Booth) and more.

Thompson has won numerous awards including the Governor General's Award for Drama in 1985 and 1989, the Chalmers Award in 1987 and 1991, a Nelly for Best Radio Drama in 1988, a Toronto Arts Award, a Prix Italia and recognition from the Canadian Author's Association.

Thompson has five children and is currently a Professor in the University of Guelph's School of English and Theatre Studies.

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Synopsis Judith Thompson’s adaptation reveals the trials and the community of homeless life in her adaptation of the Shakespearean classic Hamlet, set amongst a homeless community based on the one that thrived for a moment under the name Tent City.
Adaptation of Hamlet
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