Adaptor 1 Ramsay, Bruce
Date of First Production 2011
Title Hamlet
Director Bruce Ramsay
Production Company Hamlet Productions
Series Festival Title Vancouver International Film Festival, 2011
Technical Design/Direction
Executive Producer(s): Simon Barry, David Hansen
Producer(s): Jacqueline Gould, Bruce Ramsay, John Cassini
Camera: Michael C. Blundell
Editor(s): Lisa Robison, Franco Pante
Production Design: Paul Joyal
Music: Schaun Tozer
Hamlet: Bruce Ramsay
Ophelia: Lara Gilchrist
Claudius: Peter Wingfield
Gertrude: Gillian Barber
Polonius: Duncan Fraser
Guildenstern: Martin Sims
Rosencrantz: Brent Stait
Laertes: Haig Sutherland
King Hamlet: Russell Roberts
Year Play Written 2011
Schaun Tozer was nominated for a Leo for Best Musical Score in a Feature Length Drama, in 2012.

Lara Gilchrist was nominated for a Leo for Best Supporting Performance by a Female in a Feature Length Drama, in 2012.

Stephen Lobo was nominated for a Leo for Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Feature Length Drama, in 2012.
Adaptor 1 Biography Born in Montreal, QC, Bruce Ramsay is a Canadian film, television and stage actor.
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Synopsis Bruce Ramsay's film is a noir-ish adaptation of the Bard's classic, stripped for speed and steeped in claustrophobic angst. As Hamlet, Ramsay expresses a tortured pensiveness that's entirely appropriate to the material; alternating between swallowing his own words and flinging them at his family and friends, he seems to be reeling from his own personality. It's a complex physical demonstration of Shakespeare's theme of the divided self.

There are no exteriors in this adaptation; Ramsay has chosen claustrophobia as his motif, and the constricted space cranks up the tension, highlighting the internal and social conflicts. The superb production design evokes the forties, and the cinematography is full of subtle shadowing laid on top of a palette of brown, black and white. Here's a Shakespeare movie without a hint of the stasis or transparent, intermittent “opening up” effects that plague so many of its predecessors. Ramsay honours the text in beautifully filmic terms.
Early 21st Century
Adaptation of Hamlet
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