Adaptor 1 Christodoulou, Stacey
Date of First Production April 7th – 28th 2010
Title The Other, Haitian Macbeth
Alternate Title Macbeth
Director Stacey Christodoulou
Place of First Production Studio Theatre of the Segal Centre, Montréal
Production Company Other Theatre
Technical Design/Direction
French Translation: F-V Hugo
Creole Translation: Rodney Saint- Éloi

Set Design: Amy Keith
Costumes: Marija Djordjevic
Lighting Design: David Perreault Ninacs
Music: Serge Geoffroy and François Girouard
Stage Manager: Barbara Zsigovics
Production Manager: Isabelle Beaudry
Technical Director: Guillaume Brind’Amour
Cynthia Cantave
Charles-Smith Métellus
Philippe Racine
Vanessa Schmit-Craan
Franck Sylvestre
Year Play Written 2010
Adaptor 1 Biography Stacey Christodoulou is an important innovator in Quebec theatre. In 1991, she founded The Other Theatre, which has tackled subjects from fractals to fascism, physics to pop culture, and television to terrorism. The plays take place in theatres, warehouses, lofts, galleries, moving elevators, and shopping mall windows. Often collectively written, the scripts usually evolve out of discussion, improvisation, experimentation, and places “other than theatre.” The Other Theatre describes itself as a think tank for performance. All of this experimenting has yielded concrete results, with Christodoulou praised for her work in both francophone and anglophone circles. She was nominated as the Masques Awards’ Best Director for Pre-Paradise, Sorry Now (the first English-speaking Quebecer to be nominated outside the Best Anglophone Play category). In 1999, Human Collision/Atomic Reaction played the prestigious Festival de Théâtre des Amériques and went on to win Montreal English Critics Circle Awards for best production and director.
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Synopsis The Other Theatre presents Shakespeare’s tale of ambition, murder and magic in French and Haitian Creole.

In a land ravaged by war, a loyal soldier is tempted to seize power at all costs. An honorable man turned tyrant through greed and desire, Macbeth pits himself against the natural order, his rise and fall brought to life by the force and beauty of Shakespeare’s text. A tale where the living and the dead exchange faces, where the magical and the mortal become indistinguishable, Macbeth invites the spectator into the heart of dreams and madness.
Adaptation of Macbeth
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