Adaptor 1 McLellan, Angus
Adaptor 2 Laing, Grayden
Date of First Production 2007
Title Lucrece
Director Angus McLellan
Place of First Production Guelph, ON
Production Company Guerilla Force Films
Technical Design/Direction
Technical Design: Grayden Laing
Adaptor 1 Biography Angus McLellan is the classic home-town kid. Born and raised in Guelph, he attended John F. Ross high school, and returns yearly to judge their film festival. He graduated from the Toronto Film School in 2002. He still calls Guelph his true home and has worked with or for many of the top musical talents in the region.

As a filmmaker he wears many hats: Writer, Director, Editor, and Producer. He is passionate about film and can often be found teaching the specifics of the medium to youth and adult classes. His works have appeared in festivals, television across the globe and have been distributed on DVD.
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Adaptor 1 Bibliography
Synopsis The poem tells the allegedly true story of Lucrece, a noble woman who was sexually assaulted by the son of Rome’s king. The assault and her suicide afterwards led the people of Rome to rebel against the monarchy and found the republic. McLellan and Liang aim to use the events described in the poem to draw parallels with the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. The film discusses issues of responsibility, manipulation of people, and how our society has changed since.

“Production begins on locally made film.” Guelph TRIBUNE. 12 January 2007. 17. Print.
Keywords Political Nationalism
Adaptation of The Rape of Lucrece
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