Adaptor 1 Repercussion Theatre,
Date of First Production June 26th 2011
Title DEADLY SIN, Macbeth in Hell: A Cabaret!
Director Arianna Bardesono
Place of First Production Salle de la Commune, Marché Bonsecours, Montréal, Quebec
Production Company Repercussion Theatre
Series Festival Title Le Festival Montréal Baroque
Technical Design/Direction
Musical Director: Matthias Maute
Vice: Danette Mackay
Macbeth: Paul Hopkins
Lady Macbeth: Anana Rydvald
Year Play Written 2011
Adaptor 1 Biography Repercussion Theatre, known for its Shakespeare-in-the-Park summer theatre tour, is one of the few theatre companies in the world that tours professional, classically based productions to different communities. Over the years, Repercussion has performed in many unique spaces, traveling through the U.S. and Canada.

Repercussion Theatre’s mission is to deliver professional, classically based, visually dynamic theatre that is accessible to all, regardless of income, culture, language, age or education. We bring the performing arts to people in their communities – reaching new audiences and inspiring in them, a lifelong love of theatre.
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Synopsis The audience of DEADLY SIN witnesses a story that is riddled with sin as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth relive their mortal adventures in hell! The Bard’s great tragedy is the basis for this new musical theatre piece, set against a baroque soundtrack of 17th century works by such composers as Henry Purcell, John Blow and John Eccles.
Keywords Musical
Adaptation of Macbeth
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