Adaptor 1 Wright, Richard B.
Date of First Production 2010
Title Mr. Shakespeare’s Bastard
Director Richard B. Wright
Production Company HarperCollins Publisher Ltd.
Year Play Written 2010
Adaptor 1 Biography Richard Wright is the author of ten acclaimed novels, including The Age of Longing (nominated for the Governer General′s Literary Award and the Giller Prize in 1995), Clara Callan (winner of the Governer General′s Literary Award, the Trillium Award and the Giller Prize in 2001), and Adultery (2004). In 2006 Wright was nominated for an International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.
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Synopsis In a quiet manor house in Oxfordshire, an ailing housekeeper by the name of Aerlene Ward feels the time has come to confess the great secret that has shaped her life-she is the illegitimate daughter of William Shakespeare, England′s most famous playwright.

With a brilliant eye and ear for this rich period of history, Richard B. Wright brings to life the teeming streets of Elizabethan London and the seasonal rhythms of rural life in Oliver Cromwell′s England as he interweaves the intriguing stories of the lovely Elizabeth, who allows herself to be seduced by a struggling young writer from Stratford, and her plain but clever daughter, who must live with the consequences.

As their lives unfold, secrets are revealed, love is found and lost, and futures are forever changed. Readers will be fascinated by glimpses of the young Will as an actor with the Queen′s Men and, fifteen years later, as a world-weary but increasingly wealthy playwright -- who may have had an unexpected daughter.
Early 21st Century
Adaptation of Shakespeare's Life
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