Adaptor 1 O'Day, Kevin
Date of First Production June 1st - 10th 2012
Title Hamlet
Director Rolando D’Alesio
Place of First Production Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto
Production Company The National Ballet of Canada
Technical Design/Direction
Dramaturge: Vivien Arnold
Music: John King
Conductor: David Briskin
Set and Costume Design: Tatyana van Walsum
Lighting Design: Mark Stanley
Hamlet: Guillaume Côté, Piotr Stanczyk, Naoya Ebe
Ophelia: Heather Ogden, Sonia Rodriguez, Elena Lobsanova
Claudius: Jiri Jelinek, McGee Maddox, Keiichi Hirano
Laertes: Giorgio Galli, McGee Maddox, Brett van Sickle
Gertrude: Stephanie Hutchison, Alejandra Perez-Gomez, Lisa-Marie Jourdain
Polonius: Jonathan Renna, Patrick Lavoie, Brett van Sickle
Horatio: Brendan Saye, Giorgio Galli, Robert Stephen
Year Play Written 2012
Synopsis An interpretation of Hamlet through ballet.
Keywords Ballet
Adaptation of Hamlet
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