Adaptor 1 Findley, Timothy
Date of First Production
2000, June 29-September 30
Title Elizabeth Rex
Martha Henry
Place of First Production
The Tom Patterson Theatre, Stratford, Ontario
Series Festival Title
The Stratford Festival
Technical Design/Direction
Design: Allan Wilbee
Lighting: Louise Guinand
Sound: Todd Charlton
Music: Stephen Woodjetts
Choreography: John Broome
Fights: James Binkley
Shakespeare: Peter Hutt
Ned Lowenscroft: Brent Carver
Jack Edmund: Scott Wentworth
Matt Welles: Evan Buliung
Percy Gower: Keith Dinicol
Harry Pearle: Paul Dunn
Tardy Tardwell: Joyce Campion
Lady Mary: Florence MacGregor
Queen Elizabeth: Diane D'Aquila
Lord Robert Cecil: Bernard Hopkins
Ned's Tame Bear: Aaron Franks
Performance History
2006, May 19-June 25
Director: Robert Mammana
Place of Production: NoHo Arts Center, North Hollywood, California.
Technical Design/Direction:
Set Design: Dana Moran Williams
Lighting Design: Luke Moyer
Costume Design: A. Jeffrey Schoenberg
Sound Design: Jonathan Zenz & Madonna Cacciatore
Hair & Make-Up Design: Robin McWilliams
Elizabeth: Karesa McElheny Ned: David H. Ferguson Will: Jay Willick Jack: James Lunsford Cecil: Curtis Rhodes Tardy: Melanie Ewbank Percy: Daniel Sapecky Harry: J. R. Mangels Stanley: Shannen Ferreira Henslowe: Rebecca Brunk Bear: Rebekah Dunn Luddy: Bill Ruehl Matt: Jonathan Zenz Ben: Elly Jaresko
2002, April 24-May 11
Director: Ruth Smilie
Place of Production: Globe Theatre, Regina, Sask.
Production Company: The Investors Group
Technical Design/Direction:
Set Designer: Peter Field
Costume Designer: Wes D. Pearce
Lighting Designer: Elizabeth Asseltine
Choreographer: Shaun Phillips
Composer: Allan Rae
Assistant Director: Caroline Livingstone
Stage Manager: Karen Fleury
Assistant Stage Manager: Sally Crate
William Shakespeare: Gerald Lenton-Young
Bear: Floyd Favel
Percy Gower (Watch): Stephen Hair
Matthew “Matt” Welles (Claudio): Shawn Campbell
Jonathan “Jack” Edmund (Benedick): Patrick McManus
Edward “Ned” Lowenscroft (Beatrice): Kent Staines
Benjamin “Ben” Herlie, Servant: Kenn McLeod
Tom Travis (Margaret), Servant: Mike Eisner
Henry “Harry” Pearle (Hero): Shaun Phillips
Kate “Tardy” Tardwell: Valerie Ann Pearson
Luddy Beddoes (Friar): David LeReaney
Servant, Musician, Watch: Eric Powell
Lady Mary Stanley: Ntara Curry
Elizabeth I: Maggie Huculak
Anne, Countess of Henslowe: Muriel Hogue
Lord Robert Cecil: Frank Zotter
2002, January 31-March 3
Performance Network, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Production Company: Performance Network

2001, September 28-October 30
Stanley Theatre, Vancouver, British Columbia

Director: Janet Wright
Production Company: Arts Club Theatre Company
Set Design: Ted Roberts
Lighting Design: Del Surjik
Costume Design: Alison Green
Sound: Ed Henderson

Queen Elizabeth: Gabrielle Rose
Shakespeare: David Marr

2000, Governor General's Literary Award for English Drama
2001, Arts Club Theatre Company
Jessie Richardson Award Nominations
WINNER! Outstanding Production, Large Theatre
WINNER! Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role, Large Theatre: Gabrielle Rose
WINNER! Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, Large Theatre: David Marr
WINNER! Outstanding Costume Design, Large Theatre: Alison Green
WINNER! Outstanding Set Design, Large Theatre: Ted Roberts
WINNER! Outstanding Lighting Design, Large Theatre: Del Surjik
Larry Lillo Award for Outstanding Direction: Janet Wright
Outstanding Sound Design or Original Composition, Large Theatre: Ed Henderson
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Adaptor 1 Biography
"Born in Toronto in 1930 and self-educated after grade 10, Timothy Findley worked as an actor for 15 years before full-time writing in 1962. After novels, short fiction--plus drama and documentary for radio, television and film--he re-entered the theatre as a playwright. He received several honorary doctorates, the Order of Ontario (1991), was an Officer of the Order of Canada (1986) and Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Letters (1966). With William Whitehead, his companion of thirty-five years, Timothy Findley made his home in Stratford, Ontario and in France in Provence. Timothy Findley died in Provence, France, on June 20, 2002" (18 Jan. 2003. qtd. from
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