Adaptor 1 Egervari, Tibor
Adaptor 2 Léger, Annick [Translator]
Date of First Production 1993 October 9, 16, 17
Title Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice in Auschwitz
Place of First Production
Théâtre Gesù, Montreal
Technical Design/Direction
Design and Lighting: Margaret Coderre-Willians
Costumes: Angela Haché
Original Music: Gerald Creatchman
English Text Coach: James Bradford
Consultant: Cantor Stephen Chaiet
Shylock: Mario Gendron
Tubal: Carol Beaudry
Jessica: Nadine Desrochers
Antonio: Robin Denault
Bassanio: Annick Léger
Lorenzo: Henry Gauthier
Gratiano: Mike Brunet
Solanio: Dan McGarry
Salarino: Claude Emond
Portia: Carole Bélanger
Nérissa: Dominik McNicoll
Lancelot Gobbo: André Perrier
Secondary Materials
*Lévesque, Robert. "La semaine des deux Shylock." Le Devoir 28 Sept. 1993: B8.
*Lewis, Philip and Tina Verma. "Fascinating Doc on Theatre History and Anti-Semitism." National Film Board of Canada 12 May 1999. 10 May 2002.
*"Music With a Message." CBC 4 Kids 12 Nov. 1998. nd.
Adaptor 1 Biography
Egervari is a Professor at the University of Ottawa (Theatre).
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Adaptor 1 Bibliography
"Egervari, Tibor". Institute of Canadian Studies, University of Ottawa. 9 Dec. 2003.
Canadian History
In 1998, historians staged a public bilingual reading of a revised text in collaboration with the Theatre Department at the Univerity of Ottawa.
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Adaptation of
The Merchant of Venice
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