Adaptor 1 Sears, Djanet
Date of First Production
1997, April 20-May 18
Title Harlem Duet
Djanet Sears
Place of First Production
Tarragon Extra space, Toronto
Production Company
Nightwood Theatre
Technical Design/Direction
Set and Costume Design: Teresa Przbylski
Lighting Design: Lesley Wilkinson
Music and Sound Design: Allen Booth
Stage Manager: Cheryl Francis
Assistant Stage Manager: Andrea Ottley
Dramaturgy: Diane Roberts and Kate Lushington
Assistant Director: Maxine Bailey
Billie: Alison Sealy-Smith
Othello: Nigel Shawn Williams
Magi: Barbara Barnes Hopkins
Amah/Mona: Dawn Roach
Canada: Jeff Jones
Double Bass: Lionel Williams [Onstage Musician]
Cello: Doug Innes [onstage musician]
Performance History
2006, June 20-September 22
Director: Djanet Sears
Place of Production: Studio Theatre, Stratford, Ontario
Series Festival Title: Stratford Festival of Canada

Technical Design:
Set and Costume design: Astrid Janson
Lighting Design: Paul Mathiesen
Music Composition: Paul Booth

Magi: Barbara Barnes-Hopkins
Canada: Walter Borden
Billie: Karen Robinson
Othello: Nigel Shawn Williams
Amah: Sophia Walker
Cello: Robert Bardson [Onstage Musician]
Double Bass: Bryant Didier [Onstage Musician]
2002, December
Director: Christine Dymkowski
Place of Production: RHUL Studio Theatre, Royal Holloway University, England
2002, November 9- December 1
Director: Djanet Sears
Place of Production: Blue Heron Arts Centre, New York City, New York
Production Company: Blue Heron Production Company
Series Festival Title: AfriCanadian Playwright's Festival

Technical Design:
Scenic & Costume Design: Astrid Janson
Lighting Design: Thom Weaver
Sound Design & Original Music: Allen Booth
Production Stage Manager: Bayo
Press Representative: Jim Baldassare
Associate Producer: Leslie (Hoban) Blake

Othello: Gregory Simmons
Billie: Perri Gaffney
Magi: Barbara Barnes Hopkins
Canada: Walter Borden
Amah: Nyjah Moore Westbrook
Bass: Reggie Carson [Onstage Musician]
Cello: Nioka Workman [Onstage Musician]
2000, April
Director: Alison Sealy-Smith
Place of Production: Neptune Theatre, Halifax, Nova Scotia
1997, October 27-November 29
Director: Djanet Sears
Place of Production: The Canadian Stage Theatre, Toronto, Ont
Production Company: Nightwood Theatre and Canadian Stage Co.

Technical Design:
Arranger/Composer/Sound Design: Allen Booth
Set Designer: Astrid Janson
Costume Design: Charlotte Dean
Lighting Design: Bonnie Beacher
Stage Manager: Naomi Campbell
Assistant Set Designer: Vikki Anderson
Assistant to the Director: Judy McKinley

Billie: Alison Sealy-Smith
Othello: Nigel Shawn Williams
Magi: Barbara Barnes Hopkins
Amah/Mona: Dawn Roach
Canada: Jeff Jones
Double Bass: Sharon Massey [Onstage Musician]
Cello: Lisa Tobias [onstage musician]
1997 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Best New Play (Djanet Sears)
1997 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Best Direction (Djanet Sears)
1997 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Best Female Performance (Alison Sealy-Smith)
1997 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Best Production (Nightwood Theatre)
1997 Phenomenal Woman of the Arts Award (Djanet Sears)
1998 Governor General's Award, for Drama (Djanet Sears)
1998 Floyd S. Chalmers Play Award, for Outstanding New Canadian Play (Djanet Sears)
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Adaptor 1 Biography
"Ontario-based playwright, director and actor born in London, England. Her family moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan when Ms. Sears was 15.
"She came to national and international attention with her work Afrika Solo (Factory Theatre, 1987, Great Canadian Theatre Company, 1989, subsequently produced for CBC Radio, 1990, published by Sister Vision Press), which won the International Armstrong Award for Outstanding Radio Play (1991) and Silver Prize at the International Radio Festival of New York.
"More recently, her Harlem Duet, 1998 (Sirocco Press), was the winner of the Dora Mavor Moore, Chalmers' and Governor General's Awards (and was revived, April 2000, at Neptune Theatre).
"She has also won a Harry Jerome Award and a Phenomenal Woman of the Arts Award.
"Other plays include: The Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God, premiered at the duMaurier Theatre, Toronto, 2002, directed by the author; Who Killed Katie Ross (as part of Stolen Lands), Ground Zero Productions, 1995, directed by Steven Bush and Monique Mojica; The Mother Project (with Sangoma, The Women's Co.), Crossroads Theatre, New Brunswick, 1991, Sydne Mahome); Double Trouble, Toronto Workshop Productions, 1988, Pierre Tetrault." (14 Nov. 2003. qtd. from
Adaptor 1 Bibliography
*Breon, Robin. "Interview with Djanet Sears: A Black Girl in Search of God." Aisle Say (Toronto). n.d.
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"A rhapsodic blues tragedy...Harlem Duet is the prelude to Shakespeare's Othello, and recounts the tale of Othello and his first wife Billie (yes, before Desdemona). Set in contemporary Harlem at the corner of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X boulevards, the play explores the space where race and sex intersect. Malcolm X once suggested that Martin Luther King's 'dream' would turn into a nightmare before it was over. Harlem Duet examines both the dream and the nightmare. Harlem Duet is Billie's story" (qtd. from the back cover of Sears Harlem Duet 1997).
Harlem Duet was first presented in public readings at the Nightwood Theatre (Toronto) in 1995, and at the Joseph Papp
Public Theatre in NYC in 1996.
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