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A Shakespearean Pageant (1915) is the primary point of access to the CASP archive of documented productions. You can search the database/website under the search tab by entering text, or part of your text. When you stop typing the results of your search will be displayed. You can restrict your search to "Confirmed Canadian" adaptations, "General Reference", "Neither" of these, or "All" adaptations. Under the expandable "Advanced database search options" you can farther restrict your search by checking only the fields you want to search. Under "Lists" the contents of the database can be viewed in various layouts including a "Generic Play" option which allows the end user to select which fields are visible.

The CASP Database is where we have stored key information relating to hundreds of plays we have identified as Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare, in the full realization that what it means to be either a Canadian or an adaptation of Shakespeare is open to debate. The digital archive reproduces information that is also available, in some cases in greater detail, in the hard copy archives we have also collected, archives that will eventually be stored in the University of Guelph Theatre Archives, the largest such archive in Canada.

CASP has become a leader in digital humanities research, developing unique means and modes of presenting our archival holdings to broad audiences. Indeed, the initial seed funding for the project was awarded by the Premiere's Research Excellence Award, and CASP remains the only humanities project to win funding from PREA. One of CASP's most significant accomplishments is this online database which documents production details for each of the adaptations we have uncovered. The current form of the database uses a SQL database and web services. For more information about the early development of the Database, please see the collaborative essay "'The Web of Our Life is of a Mingled Yarn': The Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project, Humanities Scholarship, and ColdFusion."

CASP is continually adding to the active database with new information as it becomes available.

We stress that this database is not comprehensive, though we have tried to be as thorough as possible in terms of the information we have collected. In many cases, we have been unable to locate specific kinds of information or we are in the process of acquiring information that will be uploaded once it has been evaluated. Thus, users should not expect all fields in the database to always necessarily contain complete data.

Disclaimer: This site has been designed with only non-commercial, academic uses in mind. Although every effort has been made to secure permission for materials uploaded on the CASP site, in some circumstances we have been unable to locate copyright holders. Links may be made to our site but under no conditions are the texts and images to be copied and mounted onto another site server. Researchers using the site should accredit it following standard MLA guidelines on how to do so. Correct citation of information from the site is as follows:

Fischlin, Daniel. Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project. University of Guelph. 2004. <>.

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